The Hut that weathers the storms

This dinky little Victorian hut is not a time machine or the Tardis; it is quite simply, a weather hut, where the day’s (twice daily), month’s, year’s vital statistics are recorded and presented. It holds all sorts of fascinating facts on the weather for Hastings, East Sussex and has been doing so (come rain or shine or War) ever since 1875. It is rather unassuming, blink and you might miss it, but, since the weather is such an essential talking piece in Britain, it is always great to be several steps ahead of everyone else.

For example in May 2015 there was 92% of the normal average sun, & 174% of the normal average rainfall. Aren’t you fascinated?! Isn’t this a real conversation starter?! What about cloud cover, thunderstorms, & day by day averages – yep it’s all there for you to peruse…either this will keep you up at night or send you to sleep.

Here are some of the extreme conditions witnessed in Hastings in the 20th century:

Highest temperature 32.3*c, 27th June 1976

Lowest temperature -11.2*c 5th January 1894

Most sun in a year 2147 hours in 1911

Most rain in a day 62.7mm 18th August 1952

There is a very happy man in a very haphazard hut, checking, calculating and charting all these details for the next generation. In truth it is totally British and totally charming to be continuing this tradition. The weather will never stop play!