‘Read All About It!’ #CharlesDickens

Today, 9th June 2015, marks 145 years since the death of the legendary Victorian author Charles Dickens (born 1812) who gave to the world a remarkable legacy of literature. He kept a punishing schedule which consequently affected his health; he died mid classic. 

Looking at his deep, dark, earthy stare, the wispy wise beard, the concentrated frown and the high forehead, it is clear he has more to tell us…

His book ‘A Christmas Carol’ (written 1843) was his first public reading (to The Industrial and Literary Institute) at Birmingham Town Hall in December 1852. Since then it has been adapted so many times over for TV, film, theatre, radio, recordings and opera; it has spawned graphic novels, parodies, pastiches and continuations, and public readings. ‘Bah Humbug’ as the almighty Scrooge would say. His ‘Dickensian’ work is forever re-interpreted keeping it alive; ready and waiting new eyes and ears.

Dickens made tours of England & America, reading his own works to enraptured audiences.

His characters and phrases have found their way so naturally and easily into the english language:

‘Please sir, I want some more!’ Oliver Twist 

‘What larks Pip!’ Great Expectations.

He died at home at Gad’s Hill Place in Kent, and is buried in Poets Corner, Westminster Abbey.