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Hello, Greetings and new News

I have just released a Poetry Video on YouTube, a lovely one minute, calming piece.

The poem is ‘Wanderings’ by me, Kate Barnwell and it is beautifully read by actor Tobias Menzies, whose birthday – quite incidentally – it happens to be today: 7th March.  

Tobias is currently performing at The Almeida Theatre, London in Chekov’s ‘Uncle Vanya’ and in the BBC John Le Carre drama, ‘The Night Manager’ (if you are in America, or outside the UK look out for this fantastic 6 part series of espionage, intrigue, plots and swirling locations).

Congratulations all round.

The poem was recorded at Essential Music Studios in Soho, London and features in my second collection book:

 ‘Ever Truly Yours – Reflections on Love’.

It is also available to hear and view in the POEMS section alongside other read works and one other video, ‘In Fields’.

I appreciate the kind comments that have come my way, particularly in a world so competitive, critical, sarcastic and cruel, should it choose to be so. Lovely people unite!

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Tobias Menzies and the world of re-tweets

This picture shows Tobias when he recorded my poetry…now can I just ask….whose heart doesn’t just slightly flutter when you see him like this….not in armour, not as Outlander, but just in a t-shirt, wearing glasses and reading romantic poetry…they’re looking for the new James Bond ….and I told him he should be getting himself in position to be considered for Craigys replacement…he LOVED the idea…we should get Bond film Producer Barbara Broccoli to get a sight of his more vulnerable side…what do you think?

New recordings!

tobiasI have had an incredible afternoon producing and recording the CD for my next book ‘Ever Truly Yours – Reflections on Love’ at Essential Music Studios in Soho, London.

I worked with two of my favourite actors, both truly charming, professional and very pleased to be part of the production.  Their voices and their interpretation have had a real influence on my work:

Tobias Menzies (BBC: An Honourable Woman, Game of Thrones).

Victoria Hamilton (Lark Rise To Candleford).

The next stage is music!  I am ready to add a small stream of music to some poems to further enhance their already extraordinary impact.