Love is on the cards, St Valentines Day #Valentines #hearts #poetry #love #cards #february

St Valentine (died Rome, 14th February 273AD) is widely associated with romance and devotion; many legends surround this saint and martyr. 

Mid-February is also the time birds begin to pair up. Look out for their springtime busy-ness. They are the natural sign and symbol of a new season, breaking away from winter, spreading their wings and preparing for new beginnings.

For the humans amongst us how about a little love poetry to delight and soothe the senses and to remind us that everyone, somewhere, needs love in their life. To find it can be hard, to give it, well a wonderful gift.

Tobias Menzies reads ‘In Fields’ by Kate Barnwell

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Play your cards right, it’s one day, however anti-materialistic you feel: ‘show some love, you ain’t so tough…’

New recordings!

tobiasI have had an incredible afternoon producing and recording the CD for my next book ‘Ever Truly Yours – Reflections on Love’ at Essential Music Studios in Soho, London.

I worked with two of my favourite actors, both truly charming, professional and very pleased to be part of the production.  Their voices and their interpretation have had a real influence on my work:

Tobias Menzies (BBC: An Honourable Woman, Game of Thrones).

Victoria Hamilton (Lark Rise To Candleford).

The next stage is music!  I am ready to add a small stream of music to some poems to further enhance their already extraordinary impact.