Words, words, words #words #poetry #BritishLibrary

It is greatly upsetting when you pass by someone who swears loudly and profusely, using every unpleasant word you can think of in all its many variations (verb, adjective etc.).  It is, furthermore, intensely upsetting if these words are directed at you for no other reason than the liberation of one man’s angst and frustrations. Yes, this happened to me at the start of the day…so how to proceed if you are a sensitive type? 

Actually it struck me as sad and pitying to think that so many people know so many ugly words when there are so many beautiful ones. 
Poet, Samuel Taylor Coleridge maintained that “the true end of poetry is to give pleasure through the medium of beauty.”

Wonderful words to strengthen and enrich us; to be shared, enjoyed and passed on… like those in verse, prose and poetry.

“Quieten down, hear the sound

The sound of the world spinning round

Around the corners of your lip

He will plant a daring kiss

A kiss disappears like a whispering prayer

But the sound of his voice lies everywhere

Wherever I pass or travel through

His soft words shall journey too.”

It doesn’t hurt to have the last word on the matter.

This photo shows the British library in London whose vast collection holds the original, hand-written documents of Jane Austen, Winston Churchill, John Lennon, President Roosevelt…to name a few great writers; those who used words to change the world, to make our lives and enrich ourselves.

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Back in fashion

I came across a word the other day and I thought it sounded just wonderful, but was utterly unsure of its meaning. Where was this word being displayed? Ironically it was at the British Library, which is no ordinary library, so I found a dictionary, yes, a heavy, ruffled dictionary and looked it up…newfangledness..

Turns out it’s my new favourite word. It means ‘excessively fond of new ideas or fashions…liking new things.’ Therefore I am newfangled over newfangledness.

It might be one of those words that is best written & understood rather than spoken out loud in conversation eg. “Why it’s certainly true, I do like newfangledness; the future holds many new, bright and aspiring fresh themes…”  Let’s not turn a lovely word into an intellectual social enemy. 

Don’t get tangled up in newfangled!

Here it is on display, where I first read it, amongst all the other words that I do know and love…Poetry, Art, Knowledge, Sacred, Pure, Performance, Thinking, Wisdom, Nature, Head & Heart…oh and let’s add Women next to Men who love newfangledness.