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Between the green stretches of Hyde Park and St James Park in the city of Westminster lies Green Park, 47 acres of public strolling grounds.  

It is both a lovely green space in the heart of London, and the lungs of the city too, providing fresh country air – perfect for escaping Piccadilly madness.

There are no lakes, no playgrounds, no buildings and no planted beds (so no king may gather flowers for his mistress). There are 3 memorials.

Here is a quick history of the area:

In the 17th century it was a swampy burial ground for lepers.

In 1668 the area was part of the Poulteney family estate, who then surrendered the bulk of land to King Charles II, thus becoming a Royal Park, ‘Upper St James Park.’  Charles, in his turn, enclosed the parkland with a brick wall and built an icehouse for cold summer drinks (as one does).

By the 18th century it was an isolated area, haunted by thieves and highwaymen. Horace Walpole, writer and politician, was robbed here.

In the 18th-19th centuries there were public firework displays (in 1749 Handel composed music specifically for a Green Park display) and ballooning (up, up and away) and even duelling (sword fights).

In 1820 John Nash landscaped the area and in June 1840 from Constitutional Hill, Edward Oxford made an assassination attempt on Queen Victoria.

For me, in 2017Green Park (also a tube stop) is an excellent in-between walking route from Berkeley Square to Victoria, early in the morning when the squirrels are busy burying conkers and tourists are making their way to Buckingham Palace.

The plain trees are beginning to shred, scattering brown and yellow crinkly leaves along the pathway; there is an earthy dampness, a grey chill and a pale light filtering through the flaking canopy.  

Autumn is now the season to go strolling.  

Green Park offers everyone a green and pleasant land in London Town.

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Sorry, I’ll post that again! Harvest fields

Dreamy views; fair, fine, fabulous weather; harvest ripe and ready; a glorious bounty; a beautiful band of earth: England sits serene…

Everything made interesting 

John Keats, the young Romantic poet of the early 19th century penned many sensuous, symbollic, evocative, illustrious pieces of poetry with an extraordinary use of language and a whole whirlpool of words.

He also found time to comment both honestly and comically on his favourite topic, POETRY.  Everything and every place is made immediately more interesting when it finds itself within a poem. 

 ‘I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the Heart’s affections and the truth of Imagination – What the Imagination seizes as new beauty must be truth, whether it existed before or not.’  From the mind to the matter, it is clear that Poetry is a perfect art form in which the imagination of a complex mind can live in eternal abundance (exempt from reasoning or judgement).

Let your thoughts run away with you…just as Keats did, and become ‘a citizen of the world.’


Sticking out…

It’s brave standing up for yourself; being the first to come forward; raising your head above the others. If you stick out or are different, the world can be an unkind and unforgiving place- but don’t hide away or try nothing at all. You are wonderful & original. No one can be sure who they are, everyone changes, grows, alters, blossoms, by degrees, all the time – that’s the way of it.  
Think of this flower in the bed, waiting for the others to catch up, to join in the beauty of shaping, flowering & being their full selves.  Dig out the weeds from your patch, cast them aside & surround your true self with those that encourage you in being full, vibrant and special & support your uniqueness; then you really can stand tall…