Booking in

Today I read this in a magazine…

Read books… “escaping and losing yourself in a good book puts your brain into a trance-like state, similar to meditation.

Research suggests diving into a page-turner sharpens your mind, increases your emotional intelligence and lowers anxiety and stress levels.

Pick one up and explore the author’s imagination.”

Enough said.

A seasonal shift… An apple, a book, a glass of water… you’re on to a healthy combination


A Volcano or The Moon

This is one of those WOW moments, when the world says “I am an extraordinarily vast & complex place, come and explore my wonders!”

This is Mount Etna, an unpredictable lava-spilling, smoke puffing & currently erupting Volcano. ¬†She’s voluptuous & deadly & I am standing on the black lava of the south eastern crater, whose surface has been compared to The Moon (NASA have tried out their moon equipment here AND the terrain has been used in a Star Wars film).

It makes you feel incredibly small, yet hugely empowered.  Sometimes not everything can be read in a book, it has to be seen.

‘To see a world in a grain of sand

And a heaven in a wild flower

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand

And eternity in an hour’

(William Blake)

‘Love’s Labour’s Lost’

Without seeming too political, the title of Shakespeare’s play ‘Love’s Labour’s Lost’ is all too fitting in the present light of the 2015 election. Much like his plays, the UK election has been a mix of goodies, baddies, wit, wisdom, intrigue, laughter, tears & surprises, with plenty of participation and anticipation. Let’s leave politics alone & focus on four wonderful & perfect lines from ‘Love’s Labour’s Lost’ Act IV Scene III

Berowne:’And when Love speaks, the voice of all the gods
Makes heaven drowsy with the harmony.
Never durst poet touch a pen to write
Until his ink were temp’red with Love’s sighs…’

Politicians come & go, Words on Love are found again & again. Brush up your Shakespeare & your half-remembered love poems! They are still there, ready to move forward & breathe new life.