Plain sailing

How about this wonderfully picturesque, cartoon-style map! The great, wide piece of water in middle is the The English Channel (the French call it La Manche) separating two independent and staunchly proud countries, Great Britain (we have Great in the title) and France.
It’s across this dividing line of water that King William of Normandy sailed in 1066, claimed victory over King Harold and planted his castle in HASTINGS and his mark forever.

The distance is around 25 miles and on extremely clear days, standing on the cliffs, you can see the outline of our dear cousins on The Northern tip of France.  

How times have changed, now we are all friends, we even have a connecting ‘Eurostar’ tunnel, for those who don’t fancy a sailing trip. We have our spats and quarrels occasionally, but this is natural). We are happy to break bread and share wine with each other, (provided we agree on whose wine and whose bread)… ‘Ah c’est la vie!’



Travelling about

Kate has spent  January and February 2014 promoting and publicising her book and CD in Los Angeles and Ventura, central California.

This has been a very exciting, whirlwind tour which has taken in the great enthusiasm, optimism and strength of Americans and their boundless energy and belief in people’s abilities and possibilities.

It has been great to meet such a variety of people from the Ventura Film and Music Festivals to the Musical Soiree group in Malibu.

“A really successful Californian trip!”