About Kate


Kate Barnwell is a creative writer of modern, romantic poetry and lyrics.
Her work reflects a desire to touch the soul; find new and beautiful ways to enhance and describe life.

It is for this imagination and language that over the years people have turned to poetry and lyrics for a source of shared understanding.

Having attained a University of Cambridge Diploma in The Fine and Decorative Arts at Christies in London, Kate worked at a private London Art Gallery; the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Theatre Museum.  She started her writing career as a lyricist and has had works performed in the UK and Japan.

She has recorded five songs with English and International artists.

She lives in London and Sussex.

To find out more, and to listen to and read her poetry please visit her website at www.katebarnwell.com

2 thoughts on “About Kate

  1. Thank you so much for following my poetry on my blog WordMusic. Like you, I feel it is easy to reflect poetically on love and relationships (among many of my fascinations), so I feel it doubly that honor that you took time to follow.

    Brent Kincaid


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