A Real Lady’s Marmalade  #breakfast #marmalade #Seville #poetry #January

Hip, hip hooray Seville oranges have just hit the shelves.
After growing through the winter in open orchards stretching across the Andalusian landscape in southern Spain, dotting their green trees with perfect round orange baubles, this citrus fruit has now been picked, selected and packed and transported from such sunny climes to dress the tables of North Europe, (that’s us in Britain). 
Not wholly as themselves, of course, do they delight us, but as Seville orange marmalade – who would have thought that a bitter, blotted, ugly little orange could be made into something sweet, sticky and oozy and gushingly adored by the British for their morning toast? Toast, butter, marmalade and Tea.

So it is as it is, and we must therefore toast this remarkable specimen for being turned into a delectable jammy item; from chunky, thick-cut peel to fine, fancy fronds suspended in jelly. Everyone has a favourite marmalade; there’s Robertson’s Family jar to Oxford’s Preserves to Tiptree’s classic to Fortnum and Mason’s with whiskey. Which shall grace your breakfast table? How about homemade? Remember to use preserving sugar, lemon juice, watch the boiling and have packets of patience…

And now, a fun poem featuring marmalade: the sweetest jam of January.

“Excuse me

Your Majesty

For taking of

The liberty

But marmalade is tasty, if

It’s very



The Queen said


And went to 

His Majesty:

“Talking of the butter for

The Royal slice of bread,

Many people 

Think that


Is nicer

Would you like to try a little



From ‘The King’s Breakfast’ by A.A. Milne, (1882-1956) 

The Complete Poems of Winnie-the-Pooh

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