Tune in to the story of Hastings and the television¬†#Hastings #television #history

Hastings in East Sussex, England has a long line of extraordinarily illustrious accomplishments and now I must ‘get on my high horse’ and add another ‘string to its bow’ by claiming it also as the birthplace of television.  

The glorious television (TV) has become a customary piece of household furniture and has allowed us access to the whole world, and to our favourite programmes – fiction, non fiction, semi fiction…so much to choose from and still you hear a voice shout, ‘there’s nothing on!’

Well for the television we must thank, Scottish-born engineer and innovator, John Logie Baird (14th August 1888 – 14th June 1946).  

In the year 1923 he was unwell, and a dose of sea-air was prescribed. He rented a workshop in the new district of Hastings and from here he built the world’s first television set. He used a series of miscellaneous items including a tea chest, old hat box, darning needles, sealing wax, scissors and bicycle light lenses. Amazing what can be achieved when you are sick and bored indoors – perhaps this is exactly what got him started; a television to heal boredom and sickness.

In March 1925 his first public demonstration of moving silhouette images was delivered to a captivated audience in Selfridges department store, London.

From William the Conqueror to John the Television Inventor… 

I am ‘over the moon’ in saying this was ‘one giant leap for mankind‘ (!)