London Poppy Day  #RoyalBritishLegion #remembrance #poppy

Today is LONDON POPPY DAY, 29th October 2015.

‘By wearing a Royal British Legion poppy, you are helping provide support to thousands of veterans, Service men and women.’

The photo below was one of the very many striking images from last year’s (2014) 100 year anniversary of the commemoration of the outbreak of The Great War 1914-1918.

The bronze statue depicts a valiant, yet humble, ordinary War soldier, with hat and rifle. He is coated in red paper poppies, floating all around him, in his arms and at his feet. The monument itself was placed in Trafalgar Square, where during the war rallying speeches were delivered and after the war, joyful celebrations took place.  

He faces the direction of Westminster Abbey, where the tomb of the unknown warrior lies, and towards St Stephens Tower: Big Ben, whose powerful chimes of 11 bells at 11 o’clock on the 11th November, 1918 marked the end of The Great War.

In the background is the glorious St Martin-in-the-Fields church, and behind him lies the National Gallery, home to an incredible collection of paintings.  

He is immortalised and He is home.

I am so in awe of this incredible city.

Do I feel proud of my capital? Absolutely!

The generosity of the British for charitable work is unsurpassable. The ability of people to raise money for so many worthwhile causes is commendable and the kindness shown and the astonishing amounts saved and donated is amazing.
With one Poppy pinned with pride to your coat, you say so much…

You remember all those who have fought for freedom and kept our country safe.

In your honour, London salutes you.

‘When you part from me, and depart our earth,

Your scarlet poppy will grow to bow in a breeze,

Their trembling wave of ‘cheerio, goodbye!’

Makes desert red; while silence bleeds into a distant cry.’

K.B. – 2015

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One thought on “London Poppy Day  #RoyalBritishLegion #remembrance #poppy

  1. I too am moved by the what the red poppy symbolizes. There is a very deep current of respect and thankfulness that stirs in the hearts of those–me among them– who have prospered in the freedom that was preserved by the sacrifice of these bold Defenders.
    As an American who has walked upon this earth for 64 years, with a very small part of that time having included a stroll or two through Trafalgar Square, I add a thankful Amen to your sentiments and celebrations above.
    I have never fought in a war, never served in military duty. But the dedication and courage that compelled those men and women who have born that terrible burden strikes me as awesome.
    As a novel-writer, I included the poppy in the second chapter of my first novel, Glass half-Full.
    The symbol of the poppy in Flanders Field appears also in my third novel, Smoke, published last year.
    Thank you, Kate, for your perceptive chronicling of these centuries in which we live and thrive, having shared the benefits of freedom that was won by our brave forebears, many of whom gave their last full measure of devotion.

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