One is greatly aMUSEd

Let’s be introduced to the great and glorious Nine Muses. They are the Greek goddesses of learning, arts, culture and inspiration.

For centuries they have been worshipped and venerated for their patronage of music, art, drama and POETRY . So here are those lovely ladies, for whom places of dedication were known as ‘mouseion‘ from which we derive the word museum

CLIO, history

MELPOMENE, tragedy

THALIA, comedy

CALLIOPE, epic poetry

URANIA, astronomy

EUTERPE, flutes and music

TERPSICHORE, dancing and lyric poetry

POLYHYMNIA, mime and sacred poetry

ERATO, love poetry 

Their names do not roll eloquently off the tongue but please note the continued reference to poetry ‘epic, lyric, sacred, love.’

So what have we learnt? 

Poets are Goddesses! Therefore please bow or curtsey on arrival!


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