Bottoms Up!

Someone once said, ‘there’s no place like home’ 

Well in these circumstances one might say, ‘this is no place for a home!’

The photo shows the stern (the end) of an old fishing boat, the bow (the larger front part) is standing opposite and is now part of a collection of tall fishing net sheds for drying.

Smuggling was rife in the old port towns in 19th century England, any boat caught carrying illegal products would be sawn in half…there are many boats that succumbed to such a fate.

But imagine being resurrected as a cute little house, complete with window and net (not the fishing kind) curtains! No fuss, no hassle, no stairs (this must be every old man’s dream) – ‘The Old Man And The Sea’ wrote Ernest Hemingway.  

Poet laureate John Masefield developed a love for sailors’ salty stories and his famous poem ‘Sea Fever’ featured in Salt Water Ballads (1902).

Few possessions and a simple life; there are many a men who might say ‘I’ll drink to that, bottoms up!’



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