Advice to chew on

It seems that the real secrets of a long life are not really secrets at all; how can they be when we are hounded in the news, the papers, the magazines & every source of advertising space possible with the ‘common sense’ answers to a long life?
So to recap, if you missed them today…

Please don’t smoke or drink heavily (Dylan Thomas, wonderful, mesmerising Welsh poet died aged 39).

Exercise – take a good walk along the coast, out in the country, round a city park. Breathe deeply, clean the lungs.
Eat real food & watch the weight. Spring & Summer is a plentiful time to grab a fruit you don’t even have to peel or cook. So easy! The rosy red, heart shaped English strawberry is the best in the world. Taste the love! Or his Spanish friend a meltingly sweet, juice-soaked peach.

Wear a seat belt – there are unexpected forces beyond our control, so keep as safe as possible.

Sleep well – make a bed & lie in it.

& LOVE somebody…that’s why love poetry was created, to help everyone live longer, stronger, happier, blessed lives…knowing that in your time and space there is someone who truly LOVES you. Love is something you can’t buy, taste, breathe, or wear, it is a sacred gift, so believe in its remarkable powers.

Now, surely we all feel better.

‘You may never come to realise

What you have made me be

I am a dreaming soul sublime

Whose heart is lost to thee.’

Kate Barnwell


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