Something’s ‘Goethe’ Give!

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – pronounced ‘gerter’ (1749-1832) is a German legend.
The learned Goethe did a lot in his lifetime – he was, by turns, a philosopher, novelist, botanist, anatomist, poet, dramatist and theatre director and if that wasn’t enough he was closely involved in the politics & court life of Weimar.
But it doesn’t end there, he is also famous for fleeing to Italy, masquerading as a painter & enjoying an ‘Italian Journey’ which he vividly wrote about from 1786-1788. What an adventurer – no blogging, no mobiles, no credit cards, no FaceTime, no Facebook, no tweeting, just him, a trusty pen & parchment, and the desire to explore the classical world.

His first published work included ‘Die Nacht’ / Night Thoughts & it appeared in a songbook, he was a lyricist too, in 1769, in this poem he refers to the stars,
‘beautiful as you are, shining in your glory’ …
‘your figures in a dance through the vast heaven’…
‘what journey have you ended in this moment’ …
From the German to the English the translation is quite perfect!


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